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Upcoming Girls Training: Fall Training Series

Locked in Lax will be hosting our first ever Fall Girls Training Series, starting Monday, September 21st through Saturday October 24th.

This 5 week training series will work to fine tune athletes skills and conditioning.  All current social distancing and CDC guidelines will be enforced.

Pricing: Players can attend single sessions for $40 each or sign up for 8 sessions for $280

Girls Small Group Training
Evesboro Downs Park, Marlton NJ

Small groups will be available to 10 players per group.  We will offer position training for offense, defense, and goalies.

Sessions will focus on small group drills intended to get athletes comfortable with game like scenarios.  The beginning of each session will include 30 minutes of footwork and conditioning. 

Sessions will be located at the back of Evesboro Downs Park, Located at 115 Evesboro-Medford Rd, Marlton NJ

Times and age groups will be split as follows:
(Age groups apply for Fall 2020)
                                       (Mon/Fri)     Saturday's
Youth (3rd-5th Grade)   6-7:30pm   11-12:30pm
Junior (6th-8th Grade)   6-7:30pm   11-12:30pm
Elite (9th-12th Grade)    6-7:30pm   11-12:30pm

All players must complete our Return to Play Form before attending training

September 21, 2020

Small Group Training

Evesboro Downs Park

September 25, 2020

Small Group Training

Evesboro Downs Park

September 26, 2020

Small Group Training

Evesboro Downs Park

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We accept Cash, Venmo, and PayPal, you can bring payment on first day of training.

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